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Zusammenstoss bei einem Segelflugwettbewerb in Parowan (Utah, USA), 15. Juni 2010.PowerFLARM-Rekonstruktion aufgrund der originalen IGC-Flugwegaufzeichnungenbeider Segelflugzeuge.Die Flugzeuge waren nicht mit FLARM/PowerFLARMausgestattet. PowerFLARM hätte den Unfall fast sicher verhindert.

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The amazing moment a 70-year-old glider pilot had to bail out of his aircraft and parachute to safety after his wing fell off in a dramatic mid-air collision Two gliders crashed at 4,500ft during a competition in Cambridgeshire Andy Preston, 70, took drastic action after the wing of his glider came off Described how the aircraft tipped upside down, forcing him to jump out The 50-year-old leapt from his cockpit to escape and released his parachute Incident is now being investigated by the British ...

Quelle: FLARM Technology
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