27.09.2014Videos: Kiripotib - Namibia
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I put it on Youtube because it was a very interesting convergence that brought me deep into Botswana and it was quite a challenge to come back in the evening. 1/2 of the flight was in blue conditions.

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in December 2013 I had the chance to rent the Antares23e from Rent-a-Glider and fly it for around 60 hours. This Video shows some impressions of this glider.

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Welcome to Kiripotib, an enchanting guest farm situated in the heart of the Kalahari desert.A mere two hours drive from Windhoek, Kiripotib is an oasis of peace, natural beauty and African style. Offering a warm atmosphere and personal touches, Kiripotib is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Our 12 cosy guest rooms and two chalets (all en-suite) are designed to offer our guests both comfort and style. On Kiripotib, food is a tantalising culinary experience, lovingly prepared by our very qualified ...

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Cloud time lapse January 11th 2011 from Kiripotib on a perfect day for gliding. Kiripotib is a farm with 2 runways from which sailplanes can take off for long distance flights. The clouds mark thermals which gilders can use to gain height.

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streckenflug shop
streckenflug shop
streckenflug shop

23.09.2014Videos: Außenlandung mit der ASK 13
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50 Km Versuch, leider nicht geschafft. Außenlandung in Trumling, Nähe Nittenau

Quelle: aus PuF von Karl Zach
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19.09.2014Videos: Ridge Soaring-Canterbury NZ

"This video shows the unique and thrilling experience of Ridge Soaring above the beautiful Southern Alps in Canterbury, New Zealand. ..." [Vimeo]

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15.09.2014Videos: Amazing turkish airlines
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turkish airlines

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11.09.2014Videos: Soaring - Livno Adria Cup 2014  

Friedel Storka Gewinner in der Offenen Klasse [aeroklub.livno.org]

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http://www.facebook.com/poorpilotproductions http://www.rollei-actioncam.com http://www.loij.at Songtitles: Professor Klip - Seventeen; MoOt - It's A Beautiful Day

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07.09.2014Videos: Weiss Glider Centenary & Vintage Glider Rally
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Southdown Gliding Club celebrated the centenary of the world's first piloted soaring flight in a glider. The club was joined by the Vintage Glider Club and brought along and soared many rare examples including a Minimoa and a Petrel. On 27th June 1909, 17 yr old Eric Gordon England piloted a glider designed by Jose Weiss and soared from the top of Amberley Mount on the South Downs range of hills in Sussex, Southern England - and so kicked off the wonderful sport of gliding. The location was just ...

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Featuring 'Big Beautiful Doll' P51D Mustang, and Charlie Cave UK Junior National RC champion who does things with his model helicopter you wouldn't believe possible

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03.09.2014Videos: Dynamic Soaring USAF
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