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geschrieben von: Peter Millenaar ()
Datum: 01.09.17 13:06

Motorisierung: Turbo
Gesamtstunden: 843
Gesamtstarts: 205
Anzahl Der Sitze: 1
E-Variometer: LX9070 Flarm With V80, Stick, WIFI, AHRS, FLAP, GEAR And WATER Switches
Funk/Radio: Trig TY91 8.33kHz, Trig TT21 Transponder
Flarm: YES
Baujahr/Year Of Construction: 2010
Hänger/Trailer: Cobra 2008
Spannweite/Wingspread: 15 And 18m
Zuladung: 550/600
ARC Bis/Until: 15/11/2017
Werknummer/Serial Number: 29607

For sale from end of October:
Never crashed.
15m and 18m wings.
2K PU type paint in excellent condition and very well maintained.
Fully Mylar sealed in excellent condition.
Construction: DEC 2009
Launches: 205
Hours: 843
Next inspection: 15/11/2017
Serial number: 29607
Engine hours: 9,8
Engine 5yr inspection done: 11/2014 (next 2019)
New type propellor
Engine always properly conserved during the winter. Engine starts and runs reliable.
Wings re-profiled at Schleicher in 2012 (?).

Cobra trailer 2008, nicely polished, new high-speed anti-snaking device installed 2014. Tires are in good condition.
2 big solar panels (200W) installed in 2017 with 20A solar tracer, able to charge the buffer battery and plane batteries at the same time.
Big 145Ah buffer battery installed, used for charging of the plane batteries inside the trailer, or outside with extension cable, when in covers.
230V EURO power receptacle for charging on net-power indoors.
12V-230V 1000 Watt inverter, for unexpected maintenance during competitions - always power nearby!
Full LED lighting installed in trailer.
Fully self-supporting power/charging system :-).

LX9070 Flarm with V80 vario, AHRS (artificial horizon) and WiFi function, remote control stick, flap sensor, gear switch, waterballast switch (2016).
Trig TY91 8.33kHz radio (2015).
Trig TT21 Mode-S transponder (2015).
AIR traffic display 57mm (2017).
57mm Winter vario, altimeter and airspeed indicator
ILEC engine instrument

Clouddancers "uncuttable" covers, 18m with MX markings in good condition.
3x LiFePO4 batteries (3x 10Ah), double circuit (2 battery selectors)
1x 9Ah NiMH tail battery AIRnergy.
3x CTEK Lithium XS battery charger, 1x NiMH battery charger (installed in trailer).
Pirker electric bugwiper system with Flexi-wipers.
Nose and C/G hooks.
Lead weights included. Tailtank installed.
Transponder antenna in the tail.
Oxygen mounting installation.
Blue tinted canopy.
Rudder control horn fairings (2016).
2 wing stands.
Towbar aluminium.
Canopy cover.
3-way TE/Pitot/Static tube.


1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 18.10.17 15:27 von Peter Millenaar.

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