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ASH 25Mi 144.000 komplett + delivered to Germany + fresh ARC// RESERVIERT 12.2.2018
geschrieben von: RRissanen ()
Datum: 03.09.17 18:55

Update 12.2.2018:

Reserved !


Price for total package 144.000 euros, as delivered to Germany (first week of march 2018) with fresh ARC (valid 04/2019 - more than one year!)


For sale high performance open class beauty in good condition:
Self launching Schleicher ASH 25Mi, Golf Romeo
- 2002 model, 1st flight 2003
- Serial 25235
- Glide ratio 1:60
- German register, all TM/SB carried out
- Flown only 1860h and 440 starts
- 2 span options, 25m and 26m winglets
- Engine Austro Midwest Wankel, fuel injection Overhaul period 1000h
- Engine and propeller running time 93h
- Fuel tanks 38L (fuselage 8L, both wings 15L, water ballast can be installed (option)
- TOST aero /winch tow hook, 1950 starts left
- 4 battery system + solar panels - over 10 hours fligts possible
- Gadringer belts renewed 2014 (12 yrs cycle) - valid until 2026
- Winter basic instuments front and rear- GPS (front and rear) LX Zeus 5.5+ vario LX EOS, PowerFlarm (2 antennas, range 10km +)
- Dittel KRT 2 radio 8,33 khz + TRIG TT 21 transponder + new Headsets
- Private owners since new, 2 owners (only 5 pilots have been Pilot in Command). No rental usage or cloud / wave flights / never been in Afrika.
- No damage history, stored indoors (+20c) in dry place
- Glider optimized and tuned for long cross county and competition flights - last 3 seasons more than 40.000km flown + 6 x Finnish National records made (2016-2017). Longest flight 1037km, several over 750 km+.
- ARC valid 04/2018, renewal possible before sale if requested
- Cobra trailer (2002), ground handling and fuel filling equipment and all weather covers- Regularly waxed during season, no need for instant repainting.

Notable issues and maintenances:
- 2015 new instument panels installed with brand new LX Zeus + EOS vario system with PowerFlarm and Dittel KRT 2 8,33 khz radio. Also new all weather covers invested
- 2017 installed new TRIG TT21 transponder and headsets
- 2015 / 2017 all engine drive belt bearings and pulleys renewed (with stronger Schleicher parts), propeller lifting jack, drive belt and fuel injection nozzle new parts installed. Generator and muffler changed by factory 2011. Muffler 97hrs left. Next time limited engine parts which must be used is the injection nozzle (year 2020). All major big maintenances carried out- ready to fly:)

- GR is the ASH 25-modelserie latest version with fuel injection and 26m span with high winglets. Built to self launcher as new - no modification.
- Valid (LBA approved) maintenance program (IHP).
- Over 20.000 euros invested in the instuments, equipments and engine maintenance (new parts) - new owner needs just to fly:)

Available immediately / after season 2017. Visible at Räyskälä or Helsinki.ASH is a very elegant and nice glider to fly. Good Schleicher - type landing flaps make landings easy. ASH opens new views and opportunities for gliding. We have flown 530 hrs (3 seasons) with it and like it very much.

Only reason for sale is updage to high level competitions in the future (upgrade). Asking for total package is 149.000 euros, reasonable offers are welcome. Preferably as total package (glider+trailer+instuments+parachutes+equipment). Delivery inside Europe possible upon agreement.

More info / photos from: Riku Rissanen (+358 400 470120,

8 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 12.02.18 20:07 von RRissanen.

Re: ASH 25Mi for sale / BLACK FRIDAY 149.500 EUR
geschrieben von: RRissanen ()
Datum: 24.11.17 09:15


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