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Charter - 304 MS Shark (GG)  
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THE Soaring ENGINE - G Dale - Volume Two
 € 49,75/Stk 
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The Soaring Engine" series explains how the sun, wind and terrain combine to produce rising air for the soaring pilot to exploit. The first volume covered the basics of using ridge and thermal lift to soar in both flatland and mountain terrain. This volume goes on to describe the more advanced techniques required when flying in convergence or wave systems.

Illustrated with clear simple diagrams, this book is a primer for soaring pilots flying anything from a paraglider to high performance sailplanes.

1/3 of this book is about convergences, the three varieties of convergence. G chose to illustrate how they work - that’s the simple sea breeze, the carpet wind convergence, and convergence of similar air masses. This covers pretty much all you need to know to fly in any convergence system G has ever seen…including thunderstorm gust front convergences.

The rest of the book is about wave - the different kinds of lee wave, how they work aloft, how different wind profiles change the wave, how it works underneath, ridges in phase / out of phase, flying in flat lands and flying in mountains underneath wave and in wave. Oxygen, safety at high altitude, safety on ridges. The appendix goes on from where volume one left off. A real must have reference book for any glider pilots book shelf.




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